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Temptation runs high to cherry-pick only what we like and only what we want to see when documenting our days. It’s tempting, because most things we see out there are always curated just so. But I would be remiss in not including the most common—even ugly—of scenes I nearly-daily see… the least beautiful (in the eyes of professional curators) of scenes. This is my truth. A mess created throughout dinner, staring up at me post-dinner and making me feel lazy for being too tired to clean it. Three… count ’em… three utensils, dirtied by just one child. Table real estate snatched up by piles of paper and things tables (or families) don’t even need. One corner here, and so many more similar to this behind the camera. These are the truest, least gratifying views of parenthood. But they make the much-more-glamorous views as treasured as they are. So I celebrate these, too.

Greasy plates, crumpled napkins inside sticky cups, and all.



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Oh, Love!

I know this photograph isn’t food-blog-worthy.

I know the recipe you used probably isn’t even food-blog-worthy (unless you got it from a food blog. 🙃).

But your heart is worthy of so much. I love that heart and every bit of it that you poured into making something new for us…

Having it ready when I walked in the door.

Getting Isaac involved to prepare it with you…

And venturing out on one of the coldest days of the year to buy the ingredients to make it…

Even searching online for something that is gluten-free (for my sake) and appealing at the same time (for yours and Isaac’s).

It was as delicious as you are dear.

Just today, I drove away from my workplace in the bitter cold toward an unknown lunch destination on my own, and I asked myself is this the right thing? Wondering if I’m where I should be. I came home to that answer. And I couldn’t love you more for it!