2.2.17 – Wonder and Wildness

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They never celebrated the 100th day of the school year all those years I was going to school. But these days, I guess it’s a thing. Maybe it’s meant to help children grasp the concept of centennial celebrations, and why we have them. Still, it seemed a bit abnormal to me at first. I remember when my grandmother turned 100. That was a milestone. 100 days of school hardly seems like one to this 45-year-old. But I’m guessing it seems like quite the feat to a five-year-old.
So, in kindergarten fashion, all the students were told they could dress up for this day, and they had a big old celebration of all things 100 in count. I got to see this little, old man off to the bus before school in his darling old-man getup. What was even better was the night before, when he ran into the office after his bath to surprise me in nothing but the hat, beard and glasses. And surprised I was!
Dada and he did a great job picking out the beard. The hat came from the great-grandfather he never knew… passed down from generation to generation. Talk about old!

1.30.17 – Wonder and Wildness

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I don’t know why this is, but you are always in the most delightful mood after you’ve had a fresh hair cut. I might think this is due to you being able to see better… no more hair in your eyes, so you’re happier and free of the annoyance you didn’t even know was bothering you. But I’ve watched this change happen even in adults. There’s something personality-altering about haircuts. It’s not macro-altering. But micro-altering, without a doubt. I’ve always enjoyed the change in perspective a new haircut gives me. But I enjoy, all the more, when it happens with you.

Especially if it makes you so happy that you eat all your salad without a single complaint.


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Creativity takes courage.
-Henri Matisse

Before every fire Dada makes in the fireplace, you layout the kindling for him… in a pattern, each different than the last. Each its own little new creation of artistic expression. It wasn’t all that long ago that you said “patterin” instead of “pattern”. It was one of my favorite words you got wrong in your toddlerhood. A close second only to “budge-a-chotch” (butterscotch). It’s both a joy and difficulty, simultaneously, watching you grow and change so much, so constantly and so quickly. That’s why I’m preserving these little moments.


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Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you.
Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move. You may become Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven.
You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel.
-Pablo Picasso

I can’t believe we’re two days away from the end of the first month in 2017. It feels as though we’ve done nothing. I’m longing for the warm weather to start up again, just to get out of here and run and jump and play. For now, we remain hunkered down indoors, lighting as many fires in the fireplace as our stockpile of firewood will allow. Playing games, reading books, watching old movies, cooking, cleaning, and tackling small projects. Today we clean your room. So enjoy your free time, because the time for work will come.


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Oh, buddy. I know tonight was a rough one. Not every day will be good. And very few will be great. Life is hard work, no matter how you look at it. And that’s okay, because we’re all in this together. Sometimes I need you realizing this reality to remind me to realize it all over again. And to remind me that hope for a much-better-than-today tomorrow is a good thing to have. At the end of each day, and every minute that precedes it, we love you… without limits. And we only hope we’re teaching you what it means to love this way, too.


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You must have heard me say I want to give you away… that it’s on my list of early-2017 To-Do’s.

Don’t worry, Pink Panther. Isaac heard me, too. And he won’t have it. He argued that, although he never really observes or talks to you anymore and his dad is the one who does all the maintenance of your tank (not to mention the one who feeds you), you’re a part of the family, and that means we just can’t let you go.

You’re safe here. So rest your mind and those worried little eyes.