Your closet shelf, just as I found it, because I want to remember it this way, when you’re five as you are right now. If I blink, I know its inhabitants will change. To what, I’m not sure. To whatever it is that ten-year-olds or fifteen-year-olds keep on their shelves. At the moment, it’s dinosaurs and monkeys and foxes.

Eyes open. Eyes shut… just a moment longer, please.


_DSC7152_1-4-17 copy

Oh, Love!

I know this photograph isn’t food-blog-worthy.

I know the recipe you used probably isn’t even food-blog-worthy (unless you got it from a food blog. 🙃).

But your heart is worthy of so much. I love that heart and every bit of it that you poured into making something new for us…

Having it ready when I walked in the door.

Getting Isaac involved to prepare it with you…

And venturing out on one of the coldest days of the year to buy the ingredients to make it…

Even searching online for something that is gluten-free (for my sake) and appealing at the same time (for yours and Isaac’s).

It was as delicious as you are dear.

Just today, I drove away from my workplace in the bitter cold toward an unknown lunch destination on my own, and I asked myself is this the right thing? Wondering if I’m where I should be. I came home to that answer. And I couldn’t love you more for it!


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I love to catch you right after your shower. It’s one of those rare moments you still snuggle with me anymore, because you know… it’s just what we do. Mama has always been the one to get you right after your bath (now showers) from the very first newborn bath you ever had until now.