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Where January was dreary and almost constantly gray, February has seen ample sun, filled mostly with bright blue skies. Who knows what March and April will hold as the days hopefully warm up. Some years, they’ve been the dreariest of all. But I’m not going to borrow gray skies when today’s are blue and bright for me. Tomorrow will worry about itself.


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Frozen. Melting. Skated-sunlight, gliding across while it still may, softly telling me a new season is near.

This little pond sits just off the parking lot where I work. One would never know so much concrete and metal is behind me given what is in front of me in this photograph.


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I still remember my mother’s plants from my childhood. I loved them all. There’s a part of me that wishes they’d been kept alive through the years, passed down to us to pass down to our own children someday. Such a tradition could start with me, and very well may. But given my track record for plant-longevity (or lack of), it may not go that way. With a south-facing home, at least I have a fighting chance.


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Three crazy days in a row, work-wise, and a long eleven-hour day today had me coming home and barely scarfing dinner down before plopping down on the couch to unwind (code for get sleepy). I came in on the middle of Gone With the Wind somewhere around 11:45pm and realized I had not even taken my daily photo yet. It would have to be Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara or nothing. I went with… well, that’s obvious. And now I can close my eyes. So glad I’m working from home (and only a half day at that) tomorrow.