_DSC8544_2-17-17_bw copy
Warm, fuzzy socks. Check. Bum-around, comfy clothes. Check. One cup of hot coffee. Check. Laptop. Check.

All set for working from home today. I was going to work from home Wednesday so that I could go to Isaac’s dentist appointment with him. These are the kinds of things from his childhood that I don’t want to miss out on, but often have to because of my full-time job. That is where the work-from-home days we are granted are a gift… so I can experience such things as dentist appointments every once in a while. It’s not that he needs me there. It’s that I want to be there. I want to remember the way he was in all these different settings, and not miss out on them altogether. So I try to time my schedule accordingly. This time, it didn’t work out. But I’m not complaining. It’s Friday, it’s sunny, I’ve already been working for a while and I haven’t even changed for the day… oh, and NO COMMUTE! It’s all good. I’ll make it to his next dentist appointment.

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