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Today was nuts. Just an unusual day, compared to how most days go for me. I kept thinking, “Is there a full moon today?” It’s uncanny the way a day can go in a direction like that and stay the course once it’s set. It’s as if that second “full moon” moment had witnessed the first, and then followed suit, and so on, and so on, throughout the day. I’m ready to lay down my head and sleep all those little things (what some call first-world problems) off. Yes, they were little. But a lot of little can add up to a big. And that’s what this day felt like to me.
Strange, too. You’d think that after discovering such a beautiful little scene as this when arriving to work, it was gonna be a great day. I almost passed this dew-splashed landscape on by, rushing from the parking lot to the building I work in. But I happened to look over and see the trees glistening with raindrops, hanging on every point their branches offered. To be honest, I wanted to stay right there instead of working. Maybe that was the turning point… where my day went awry. Doubtful. And even if so, I’d have stopped anyway… even if I knew it would be all downhill from there. Worth it!

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