_DSC8213_2-6-17 copy
Back to the grind.
_DSC8215_2-5-17_2 copy
Monday blues.

Actually, it’s not as bad as all that. I have a pretty great job in a really great place. But I had such a nice weekend that I struggled with leaving the ones I love to return to this shell of metal and glass I dwell in for half of my waking Monday-through-Friday life. Good thing it’s also filled with flesh and blood, and not just papers and wires. Work family becomes your second family (if you’re lucky enough to see your coworkers that way… which I do), and work becomes your second home. Today, I roamed through its walls and staircases for a photo or two (trying not to be seen lest I get questioned about the camera around my neck). I like these particular views (out of second- and third-story windows). They’re not best-foot-forward views. There are definitely prettier spots to photograph on this huge campus. But these views are the ones I see in some of the places I’ve sat, conversing with others or in contemplative solitude… and part of what I’ve come to know as my second home. So they hold a sort of comfort for me.
The prospect of interesting views for daily photos would be numerous if my job was downtown or out on a quaint little farm. But I’m somewhere here in the middle. This is what the middle looks like.

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