2.2.17 – Wonder and Wildness

_DSC7923_2-2-17 copy
_DSC7920_2-2-17 copy
_DSC7921_2-2-17 copy
_DSC7918_2-2-17 copy
_DSC7927-7924_2-2-17 copy
They never celebrated the 100th day of the school year all those years I was going to school. But these days, I guess it’s a thing. Maybe it’s meant to help children grasp the concept of centennial celebrations, and why we have them. Still, it seemed a bit abnormal to me at first. I remember when my grandmother turned 100. That was a milestone. 100 days of school hardly seems like one to this 45-year-old. But I’m guessing it seems like quite the feat to a five-year-old.
So, in kindergarten fashion, all the students were told they could dress up for this day, and they had a big old celebration of all things 100 in count. I got to see this little, old man off to the bus before school in his darling old-man getup. What was even better was the night before, when he ran into the office after his bath to surprise me in nothing but the hat, beard and glasses. And surprised I was!
Dada and he did a great job picking out the beard. The hat came from the great-grandfather he never knew… passed down from generation to generation. Talk about old!

2 thoughts on “2.2.17 – Wonder and Wildness

  1. This story and the pictures are so precious! And the surprise was hilariouss!πŸ˜›πŸ’•πŸ’•


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