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Today was a chill end to January, whose cloud-wrapped sky threatened to shut out the sun… once again. But then there was this… a serendipitous heart-shaped patch of blue that formed up above me while I was at lunch. There were several tiny patches of blue in all directions throughout the cluttered sky, some of which I had been photographing (prior to seeing this one) in an attempt to specifically capture proof of blue for my daily photo… just to show how grateful I was to see any blue at all (no matter how small), which we’ve seen so little of this month. Truly… it has been a record January in terms of the streak of gray days we’ve had… the longest in 25 years (so says The Weather Channel)!
So imagine how broad a smile this patch gave me. It didn’t last but a few seconds before the winds reshaped its šŸ’™-shaped border, only to close it up completely. But I looked up at just the right moment to notice it, and my camera was good and ready because I’d already been shooting all around it.
It made me think… Maybe when we look for what’s good among a sky-full of dark, our gratitude bounces right back our way with a wink, reminding us that streaks are just that… only streaks. Not permanent circumstances. And just as clouds do, streaks break up, too. And the sun WILL be out again.
Some people love cloudy weather. Me… I’m a sun person. So, ironically, I’m waving this January on in anticipation for February almost as eagerly as I did 2016 in anticipation for 2017. I took today’s heart as a sign for a sunnier month to come.

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