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This weekend is all about tackling those small tasks we never got to in 2016 and the ones we added for 2017. When you’re remodeling a home, it’s easy to get caught up in the bigger projects to the point of perpetually putting small things on the back burner. Even the smallest, quickest, easiest of tasks, like changing the battery on the clock you’ve had hanging for over a year without functioning hands. (Hey… at least it shows the the right time twice a day, right?) We’re finally installing the final shelf on a closet system we installed months back. We’re going to organize a mess of electronic cords behind the media console in the living room. Last night, hubby replaced the ugly doorbell unit with something more subtle and fitting in this 1960 ranch. Just stuff like that. If we don’t treat small tasks like big ones by lumping them all together and giving them an entire weekend they’re due, they’ll never get done, and then before I know it, it will be 2018 and my clock will still tell the correct time only twice a day.

I’m sure there’s some quote out there about how big things happen one small step at a time. That’s the philosophy I’m going with this weekend. If it works, I’m sure to feel a sense of accomplishment by Sunday night.

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