_DSC7224_1-9-17 copy

Salad with a side of Apple. =)

Lunch and work are not exactly what I’d think of to capture as part of this Joy in the Journey. My idea for this space was more along the lines of highlighting more endearing things, like muffins being made in the kitchen or flowers blooming in the yard or smiles upon my son’s face. But I realize, too, that I have enough to eat and the work I need to pay for it. And that alone makes me the kind of rich so many wish for. So I’m grateful and eager to say so. Simply put, I have so much.

Plus… this is my everyday… my ordinary… most days, anyway. This place makes up a large percentage of my journey, at least in this season. So I’ve brought it to light.

And not least, but last, none of the above is meant to diminish just how yummy this salad actually was.

I remain resolute… more salads in 2017.

And color, too!

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